Partner swapping across generations

René Heinersdorff, photo: © Ahn und Simrock Bühnen- und Musikverlag GmbH, Hamburg

Partner swapping across generations

By René Heinersdorff (DE)
3 F / 3 M
German original text, English translation

Relationships and age differences: Heinz, age 73, has become a father for the second time. Years ago, he lost contact with his oldest son, 53-year-old Pascal, who’s in a relationship with 77-year-old Marita, who turns out to be the mother of Heinz’ young wife, Nicole. Nobody knows of this coincidence as Marita has never introduced her partner to the family, and now she thinks she has outgrown him. The break-up makes Pascal turn to his dad for support, meanwhile Marita turns to her new lover, the even younger life coach, Kai. As it happens, Kai is married to Sonja, who also is the kindergarten teacher of Heinz’ and Nicole’s son. The relations are tangled and becomes even more tangled as the story unfolds in this postmodern relationship comedy.

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