Newsletter december #1

’A Doll’s House, Part 2’, South Coast Repertory, Photo © Debora Robinson/SCR

Lucas Hnath
3 F / 1 M
Sold for performing in Sverige, Norge og Island.

2017 Tony Award Best Play winner. Fifteen years after Nora Helmer slammed the door on her stifling domestic life, a knock comes at that same door. It is Nora, and she has returned with an urgent request. However, before Nora can get what she needs, she must reckon with the people she left in her wake, who have some choice words for the former Mrs. Helmer. Lucas Hnath’s funny, probing, and bold play is at once a continuation of Ibsen’s complex exploration of traditional gender roles while also creating a sharp contemporary take on the struggles inherent in all human relationships.

“The best play of the Broadway season:” (The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, W Magazine and Time Out New York)

’The Approach’, Landmark Productions, Irland. Photo © Patrick Redmond

Mark O’Rowe
3 F

Three women. Three conversations. As the details of what they share begin to diverge, we realise that a subtle game of survival is being played. Both a psychological puzzle and a quietly devastating tragedy, The Approach explores the inner lives of Anna, Cora and Denise as they desperately try to make sense of their world. What will their conversations reveal? And what does each of them have to hide?

★★★★ – Mark O’Rowe’s compelling new play… a psychological thriller, this fascinating new play grips you from the start …  (The Sunday Times)

★★★★★ – a stunning study of everyday relationships …Mark O’Rowe’s compelling new work – (The Observer) 

★★★★ – an exquisite demonstration of female friendships … Mark O’Rowe’s play is a slowly bubbling big-hitter. It creeps up on you, weaving its tale masterfully and meticulously until you are entirely absorbed… (Whatsonstage)

★★★★ – Mark O’Rowe’s quietly powerful three-hander takes the form of series of conversations … little glimpses of underlying loneliness emerge like silver fishes … a subtle, layered piece that rewards close attention – (The Stage)

★★★★ – An intriguing psychological slow-burner – not to be missed – (Daily Mail)

Home I’m Darling’, Theatre Clwyd & National Theatre. Photo © Manuel Harlan

Laura Wade
4 F / 2 M
English text
Sold for performing in Sverige

Every marriage needs a little fantasy to keep it sparkling. But being a domestic goddess isn’t as easy as it looks. In her comedy Laura Wade shows us one woman’s attempts at being the apron-wearing, shirt-ironing 1950s ideal. But behind the chintz curtains, this marriage is not as perfect as it may seem. An entertaining play about feminism, gender roles and out-dated domestic ideals.

★★★★★ – Outstanding. An amusing, affecting, inspiring evening of soft gingham and hard truths. – (The Times)

★★★★ – A cracking new play wittily directed on a fabulous fifties doll-house set. – (Mail on Sunday)

★★★★ – Sharp, funny and sad. – (Independent)

★★★★ – Laura Wade’s superb new play.  (The Stage)

Mother of the maid på The Public Theater, Glenn Close and Grace Van Patten
(Photo © Joan Marcus)

Jane Anderson (USA)
4 F / 3 M
English text

Public Theater – Mother of the maid:

Glenn Close played Joan of Arc’s mother – the main character of this stage play – in the production at Public Theatre in New York in 2018. It is the portrait of a woman whose faith is being challenged by her most unusual daughter and a captivating story told through a remarkable new historical perspective. A deeply moving drama about the glories and challenges of being the mother of an extraordinary child.

Full of discovery. Powerful & stunning. – (New York Magazine)

Witty & piercing! Jane Anderson perfectly melds comedy and drama. – (Daily Beast)

Jane Anderson’s play […] provides [a] showcase for the kind of acting with a capital a that once had Broadway theatregoers queuing around the block for returns. – (The New York Times)

Francisco Goya: ’The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters’ (cutout). Museo National del Prado. Madrid

Anja Hilling
5 actors (min.)
German text, swedish translation

Anja Hilling uses Büchner’s Lenz character as the basis for the telling of a poet who fails in art as in life. It is a journey in stations from the city through the nature towards the salvation and consists of five parts each with its own language and form. A deeply challenging text.

Anja Hilling, (Photo © af M. Horn/Felix Bloch Erben)

Met Mijn Vader In Bed’, Toneelschuur Producties, Haarlem, Holland, 2014 (Photo af Sanne Peper)

Magne van den Berg
1 F/ 1 M
Dutch text, English and German translation

Conversations between a father and a daughter after the death of the wife and mother. It’s a gripping, but also humorous play about grief and different ways of dealing with it, about the time that was, new love and a different life. A beautiful and subtle text with fine challenges for two players.


MNNISK~1’Människor som försvinner’, Ensembleverket at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, 2018.  (Photo af Jacob Hirdwall.)

Jacob Hirdwall
3 F / 2 M

“I never thought I would disappear. That’s what happens to other people, not me.” Five Scandinavian cultural professionals have retired to a hotel on a lonely beach to try and create and find the meaning of art and life. It proves to be a more difficult task than they had hoped for. 3rd part of the trilogy: “People who disappear”, “Night walks in the lower world” and “Landscape with winter birds”. The trilogy is published in book form.

Emilia Therese_bodil_hænder
’Sexpol’ (Teater Stuk, Teater Grob og Aalborg Teater, 2018). (Photo by Emilia Therese)

Lærke Sanderhoff
3 D / 3 H
Danish text

The 1930s idealist SEXPOL group fights for contraception, free abortion and a better world. They believe that fascism can be combated with orgasm. Are they crazy or brilliant? SEXPOL is free fiction on real events. With the charismatic psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich in the front, the group begins the first sexual revolution in Denmark. To the great regret of the society of the 1930’s the group fights for sex information, gender equality, contraception, free abortion and sexual liberation. Each of them must pay a high price for the group’s activities.