Though provoking theater text about life and death – euthanasia and suicide:

GOTT by Ferdinand von Schirach – 4 F / 4 M – English translation.


Worldpremiere for GOTT at The Berliner Ensemble instructed by Oliver Reese © Matthias Horn


Ferdinand von Schirach
4 F / 4 M (All parts except for Bishop Thiel can be played by either women or men)
German text – English translation

An architect wishes to die because his wife has died. How does the society relate to this question? A hearing in the Ethics Council is taking place where lawyers, medical and theological experts are discussing euthanasia and suicide seen through history, religion, philosophy, law and society. Who has the right to our life and death? A God? The state, society, our family, our friends? Or does it belong to us alone? At the end of the play the audience has to vote just like in Ferdinand von Schirach’s TERROR.