New play: OUR LADY OF BLUNDELLSANDS by Jonathan Harvey – 3 F / 3 M – Comic drama:

How wine tends to reveal the nature of a dysfunctional family


Josie Lawrence, Annette Badland, Tony Maudsley, Gemma Brodrick, Matt Henry in OUR LADY OF BLUNDELLSANDS © Marc Brenner


By Jonathan Harvey
3 F / 3 M
Comic drama
English original text

In OUR LADY OF BLUNDELLSANDS, a dysfunctional clan has cupboards upon cupboards of skeletons tucked away in their cluttered Blundellsands house, where sisters Garnet and Sylvie isolate themselves from the world. Sylvie clings to her long-gone moment of fame, recording a daily radio show for non-existening listeners and imagines a throng of adoring fans gathering outside the house. Big sister Garnet, who has been taking care of her sister, since they were children, supports Sylvie’s fantasy world as the real one might be to hurtful. Sylvie’s desire for the limelight has been passed on to her two sons, born 20 years apart: Mickey-Joe, a drag queen, and golden boy Lee Lee who is a failed actor who Sylvie still believes is heading for the big time. But the skeletons begin to tumble out, as the family gather to celebrate Garnet’s 65th birthday and it turns out that Garnet has incurable cancer. Who will take care of Sylvie when Garnet is gone?

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