New play: JEG ER SILAS (I AM SILAS) by Julie Maj Jakobsen

2 F / 1 M / 1 F/M – Youth play: About being true to yourself and showing the world who you really are – even if your sex is in the way


JEG ER SILAS, Folketeatret 2020 © Gudmund Thai


By Julie Maj Jakobsen
2 F / 1 M / 1 F/M
Youth play
Danish original text

How do you know who you are when society’s norms differ from how you feel? How do you tell your family and classmates that the gender you were assigned at birth does not match who you are? Silas often feels that he is seen as a stranger – as a black hole that is invisible and attracts attention at the same time. At times, he flees into the woods, where he can be alone. In the forest, there are no gendered expectations. In the forest, nobody calls him Signe. Silas would rather just be able to fly freely, be himself and make the world understand who he is. When Silas meets the slightly older Hedvig, who also challenges the norms, the pieces start to fall into place and a journey begins …
Age 12+

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