Monica Isakstuen’s play JEG KAN VÆRE EN ANNEN (I CAN BE SOMEONE ELSE) is being performed at the Norwegian Rogaland Teater

Youth and identity


JEG KAN VÆRE EN ANNEN Rogaland Teater 2021 © Stig Håvard Dirdal


Monica Isakstuen
10 F / 5 M (Variable cast)
Youth play
Norwegian text

A funny and touching, open, polyphonic youth play about identity. The characters are archetypes and shows mechanisms in our interactions with others, the roles we give to others and ourselves; and not least the longing for not to be labelled, which many young people struggles with in the process of getting to know themselves. The text is written for DUS (The Young Stage). Opens at Rogaland Theatre on February 5, 2021.

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The critic of the Aftenbladet newspaper writes: “Clever and hilarious play about identity and relationships […] Good text […] Isakstuen is a good author, who, among other things, has won the Brage Prize. […] The text is not a storyline, but scenes where the different identities discusses with themselves and those around them. […] The text is in a way linguistic-philosophical. A meta-conversation about identities and relationships. But the wonderful thing is that such a rather advanced, intellectual and abstract text can be so humorous, at times edgy, apt, easy to understand and – in fact! – thought-provoking. And that applies whether you are young or old. […].”
– Aftenbladet


JEG KAN VÆRE EN ANNEN Rogaland Teater 2021 © Stig Håvard Dirdal