MINE VENNER Efter en roman by Monica Isakstuen Dramatiseret after Kjersti Haugen

MINE VENNER After a novel by Monica Isakstuen


MINE VENNER Riksteatret 2022 © Magnus Skrede


MINE VENNER After a novel by Monica Isakstuen
Dapted for the stage by Kjersti Haugen
4 F (min.)
Norwegian text

She has just ended it with her best friend with whom she shared everything. She is furious. At home in the apartment, she hears voices from the bedroom. There are all those she has called her girlfriends. They come from different places and phases in her life. It’s her birthday and they give her a surprise party she’ll never forget. One by one, they speak: A little too honestly. Too exposed. A wonderful play based on Monica Isakstuen’s critically acclaimed novel Mine Venner (My friends) about girlfriendship and friendship for better or worse. With a rare mixture of fervour and humor, the play is told in a recognizable and entertaining way about what you cannot say to each other and what neither of us dares to talk about when it comes to friends. At the first performance at the Norwegian Riksteatret on 19 February 2022, the play was performed with four actors. The work can be performed with a minimum of four and a maximum of fourteen actors. The novel, on which the play is based, has been published in both Norway and Denmark.

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