Martin Crimp has won a 2020 Laurence Olivier Award

… for his radical new version of Edmond Rostand’s classic CYRANO DE BERGERAC


Martin Crimp © Grégoire Bernardi

By Martin Crimp (UK)
After Edmond Rostand
5 L / 14 M
English text
Sold for production in Sweden

In Crimp’s radical version of the French classic rap battles, poetry slam and spoken word performances become substitutes for swords in duels and fights: If you want to move ahead, you’d better know how to use your language. The play takes place in France in the 1640s as in the original, but this is not Rostand as we know him. Crimp’s adaptation is distinguished by its open dramaturgy, raw poetry, rhythmic style and potent energy. A fascinating text.


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