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Mark Ravenhill

Mark Ravenhill (born 1966) is an English playwright, actor and journalist. He studied English and Drama at Bristol University from 1984–1987 and is one of the most widely-performed playwrights in British theatre. Many of his texts have been published. 

THE CUT på The Donmar Warehouse London 2006, Paul (Ian McKellen), Emma Beattie and Jimmy Akingbola © Robert Workman 


1 F / 3 M 

Paul is a completely ordinary man with a shocking secret. At home he is a loving husband and father but at his governmental job he has a special assignment. He sits at the final desk which you must pass if you wish to escape the lust and suffering of this world. He is no Saint Peter and Paul does not own the keys to heaven. However, he administrates the mechanism that executes….the cut. His function makes the world a worse place and Paul struggles with his guilt. It would all be better if his family knew what he was doing. Or perhaps they already know? Mark Ravenhill’s play takes place in a grotesque scenario and is a dark, simultaneously and comical version of the future. It was performed for the first time at the Donmar Warehouse with Ian McKellen as the main character. 

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2 M 

A ritual Dance of Death about modern man; Two manic people meet each other by coincidence. One of them, Alain, is a disillusioned French philosopher, who has his carrier and professional pride behind him and a raw, cynical and ripped homosexual identity in front, which doesn’t leave much room for tender, love and care. The other, Pete, is a young, rootless, geeky American computer-freak, who tries to screw his way to a record-deal and has his strongest relations via the internet. Pete thinks that he is getting a record-deal, while Alain expects them to have sex – both of them get disappointed. 

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POOL NO WATER på Frantic Assembly 2006 © Frantic Assembly


2 F / 2 M 

At the art academy they were an inseparable group. In the meantime, two of them died whilst one has achieved incredible success with record-breaking sales. She has invited the rest of the old gang, who still only exhibit in plain backyard galleries, home to her new luxurious villa. During their wild drunken party, she dives into the swimming pool, forgetting that there is no water in it. While she is in a coma, an absurd plan takes form: Could her disabled condition become the piece of art that finally provides the others with their longed-for breakthrough? Ecstatic about their new project, they begin to photograph the deformed body. Soon they loose control over the project as the patient surprisingly awakes and demands that they give her the photographic material. A gruesome revenge waits… 

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1 F / 1 M 

”Bridget Jones goes Jihad” was Mark Ravenhill’s description of his satirical play about art, business acumen and terrorism. Amy is a young Hollywood Starlet. All she needs is a manuscript capable of saving her from hell of B-film and making her a star; a text with artistic integrity and secure, commercial qualities. Mark, the film producer, believes that he has the perfect product for her – a manuscript that combines a fiery, hot love story between the dark spectrum and vast explosions of terrorism: ”Mohammed and Me” – a film about an innocent woman who falls in love with a suicide bomber. Assertively, Ravenhill deals with fantasy, sex and terrorism and conveys a strong remark about a worldwide situation going wrong. 

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SHOOT – GET TREASURE – REPEAT på Royal Court Theatre 2008 © Robert Workman


Variable cast  

An epic cycle of one act plays about various conflicts’ influence on the modern human being. Every play is named after big films or novels and asks the question: is the greater recognition even possible in our increasingly self-sufficient lives? The material premiered at the Edinburgh Festival in 2006 titled “Ravenhill For Breakfast”, where the author every morning introduced new material to a loyal audience at the Traverse Theatre. It is a collage of very different fragments which can be performed independently, in random order and at various locations. You do not have to use all the material, you can pick the one you like best or the one you find most relevant.  

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2 F / 4 M 

In prison since 1984, Nick finds himself released into a world he doesn’t recognise: ‘Eat The Rich’ has given way to ‘Things Can Only Get Better’. A sexually transmitted disease can be treated with medication. Russian go-go dancers can be downloaded from the internet, and optimistic psychobabble has replaced the language of anger and hurt. But as the characters are drawn in to the settling of an old score, they realise how much they miss the old certainties of the past. 

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1 F / 4 M 

A nihilistic and funny look at a hedonistic and emotionless generation. The play follows a group of characters with names from real pop stars as they tumble around in drugs, sex and fast food. With a mix of dark wit and bleak existentialism, the play shows a youth which is reduced to almost nothing in a harsh commercial culture. 

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