MARE by Lisa Lie

Award-wining, contemporary Norwegian play – a must-read!


MARE, Det Norske Teatret 2019 © Tale Hendnes



By Lisa Lie (NO)

3 F / 2 M

Post dramatic comedy

New-Norwegian original text

Lisa Lie has cemented her name and great talent with this deeply original and highly successful take on the Medea myth which won the Ibsen Prize 2020. The Prize committee states that the play is “a subtle and intelligent merge of reference characterized by musicality, originality and warmth. Based on Euripides’ Medea, Lie spins out a rich dramatic landscape in the span between classic tragedy and a modern outlook on life. The mythological and almost archaic understanding of Medea is distorted and given a contemporary and intelligent perspective. The myth is linked to our own time through ancient and contemporary references and becomes a journey into a mythical landscape where the terminal point is within ourselves.”


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