MANNING ER FRI af Anders Budde Christensen

The great story about WikiLeaks-whistlebloweren


MANNING ER FRI, Mungo Park 2018 © Kim Rasmussen


Anders Budde Christensen
1 M

This is the story of the American soldier, Bradley Manning, who leaked the largest number of secret documents to WikiLeaks in history, who after getting a verdict of 35-year-sentence came out as a woman and changes her name to Chelsea, and who was pardoned by Barack Obama after having served 7 years in prison. Now she is free.

MANNING IS FREE is a solo-performance, where the actor is performing as narrator, Manning herself and several other characters. The play questions if all truths should be revealed, or if some should rather stay secret, and it shows the paradox in doing what feels right, even though others think it’s wrong.

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MANNING ER FRI at Mungo Park © Bjarke Maccarthy