A farce about smalltown swindling club members


MAN FÅR VÄL STÄLLA UPP, Riksteatern 2019 © Mats Bäcker



By Adde Malmberg (SE)

4 F / 2 M


Swedish original text

A small village, far away from the big city. An old farmhouse is the cultural centre in this community housing a range of clubs that all have a surprisingly high number of members, considering the size of the village. EVERYBODY is a member of ALL clubs, as the funding goes up the more members a club has. The fraud takes its course, and everything is a bliss, up until the day the village is having an unexpected visit from the authorities dealing with the funding…


MAN FÅR VÄL STÄLLA UPP, Riksteatern 2019 © Mats Bäcker


MAN FÅR VÄL STÄLLA UPP, Riksteatern 2019 © Mats Bäcker


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Adde Malmberg © Jonas Kündig


ADDE MALMBERG (born in Lund, 1955) is one of the most beloved and experienced stand-up-comedians of Sweden. A founding member of the ‘Stand Up Comedy Klub’ (SUCK) in Stockholm in 1988 he was instrumental in introducing the very concept of stand-up comedy in Sweden. In the following years he became very popular as part of the cast of the TV-series ‘Släng dig i brunnen’. In the course of the past 30 years Adde Malmberg has had a glorious acting career – with memorable roles like Harold Nichols in ’The Full Monty’ at Malmö Musikteater, Sir Lancelot in ’Spamelot’ at Nöjesteatern and Oscarsteatern – and as Basil Fawlty in ’Pang i bygget’ (’Fawlty Towers’) at Lorensbergsteatern – the latter in frantic interaction with Eva Rydberg. Adde Malmberg has directed numerous cabarets and theatre productions. To name a few: ’Obesvarad Kärlek’ (Temperley’s ’Souvenir’) in Örebro, ’Rampfeber’ (Frayn’s ’Noises off’) at Borås and Malmö Stadsteater, ’En sängkammarfars’ (Ayckbourn’s ’Bedroom Farce’) at Malmö Stadsteater, ’Var god dröj!’ (Chapman’s ’Nil by Mouth’) at Göteborgs Stadsteater and ’Panik på Klinik’ (which he authored himself in collaboration with Johan Schildt and Rober Sjöblom) at Intiman in Stockholm. In 2007 he was awarded ‘Guldmasken’ for his direction of the Marx Brothers pastiche ’Den stora premiären’ at Fredriksdalsteatern in Helsingborg – a theatre which he has worked in several times – both as an actor, a director and adaptor. Adde Malmberg is also very productive as a translator of foreign plays.