KILL BABY by Ivana Sokola

Kleist Prize 2021-winning play


KILL BABY at Nationaltheater Mannheim 2021 © Christian Kleiner


Ivana Sokola
3 F
German text

Kleist Prize for Young Playwrights 2021-winning play, which explores the emotional and dense relationship between three generations of women in one family – who lives in a social housing high-rise that talk. 17-year-old, Kitti has become pregnant from someone on another floor. Should she keep the baby? Through discussions and arguments, between Kitti, the mother and the grandmother we get to know this family’s history and demons, childhood memories from other countries, early motherhood, absent fathers and pre-determined destinies. What life is possible for Kikki? Unique play text with complex characters and a poetic and strong language.

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