JACK OF DIAMONDS by Marcia Kash & Douglas E. Hughes

A fast farce for a mature cast


JACK OF DIAMONDS Theatre Aquarius 2015 (l to r) Ian D Clark, Mary Long, Valarie Boyle, Wendy Thatcher © BankoMedia



By Marcia Kash & Douglas E. Hughes (US)

4 F / 3 M


English original text

Jack is a former jeweler who lives in a luxurious private-owned retirement home. Another resident, Wilf, has been forced to move into a less attractive government facility as he cannot afford staying. Jack and his friends decide to club together to make it possible for Wilf to stay, but then the news arrives that the investment guru, that they all invested all their savings with, has been arrested for doing a Ponzi scheme and they’re all going bankrupt. Now all the residents are suddenly heading towards the government facility within a month, but then a new resident arrives. Soon Jack recognizes the con man in disguise trying to avoid prison. Maybe there’s hope for the residents getting their hands on their lost assets…