GOOGLEREN (THE GOOGLER) by Julie Petrine Glargaard

Google is watching you – a monologue about the internet’s PTSD affected dustmen


GOOGLEREN, Det Kongelige Teater 2020 © Natascha Rydvald


By Julie Petrine Glargaard (DK)
1 M
Danish original text

In Julie Petrine Glargaard’s THE GOOGLER, we meet Mads, who has taken on the task of being any internet user’s mental ‘paramedic’: Mads works for Google removing illegal material from the internet and now he is giving a lecture on digital security. But Mads is not a robot, even though the job requires all emotions to be parked when clocking in. He is also a husband and family man, and as the lecture progresses, the drawbacks of his otherwise important work become more and more apparent…

Due to COVID-19, THE GOOGLER had a digital premiere on the Royal Theatre’s website in 2020 and the work is thus available in both a live theater version and a digital version, both of which are licensed internationally by Nordiska.

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