A new, poetic text by the author of LOOK AT ME WHEN I’M TALKING TO YOU


EN GANG VAR VI KRIGERE, reading på Staatstheater Mainz 2019
Oversættelse: Ina Kronenberger Iscenesættelse: Remo Philipp
ICH: Anna Steffes DIE ANDEREN: Sebastian Brandes, Simon Braunboeck, Armin Dillenberger



By Monica Isakstuen (NO)

Variable cast size and gender distribution

Open drama

Norwegian original text, German translation

”I” think back on scraps of her/his life. Suddenly, “THE OTHERS” interfere. They comment, provoke, ask questions, agree. A cacophony of voices that muddle up the waters and turn the image of what’s happened upside down. What’s true and what’s a lie? Who are those voices intruding? Are they inner voices or do they come from the outside? Words and themes blur, and “I”, who initially did the talking, dissolves into “THE OTHERS”. Where does an individual begin? – and where does it end?


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Monica Isakstuen © Frank Michaelsen


Monica Isakstuen (b. 1976) is a Norwegian playwright, poet and novelist. She grew up in Asker, just outside of Oslo.
She made her debut as a poet in 2008 with the collection ‘Sånn, borte’ (‘Gone, just like that’) about the death of her father. And the following year as a novelist with ‘Avstand2’ (‘Distance2’) – again focusing on the ambivalent feelings about the death of a father, this time as experienced by a son.
In the fall of 2016 her first dramatic work – the monologue ‘Om igjen’ (‘Once Again’) based on her novel of the same title – premiered at the NonStop International Theatre Festival near Oslo.
Monica Isakstuen’s third novel, ‘Vær snill med dyrene’ (’Be Kind to Animals’, 2016) has been translated into Swedish, Danish and German. She received Brage-prisen, the most prestigious Norwegian literay price, for this novel.
Her fourth novel, ‘Rase’ (‘Rage’) was published in late 2018 – a painful exploration of the forbidden feelings of a mother’s anger and aggression towards her children. Or rather, of her own fear of these feelings.
In the season of 2018-19 Monica Isakstuen has been one of the in-house playwrights with Dramatikkens Hus (The House of Drama) in Oslo. It was during this period of time that her play ‘Se på meg når jeg snakker til deg’ (’Look at Me When I’m Talking to You’) was written and published as a book. The play has had staged readings at the Théatre de l’Odeon in Paris (in March 2018) and at Theater Konstanz, Germany (in May 2019).
It’s first production will be at Rogaland Teater in Stavanger (only 500 km west of Edinburgh) in the fall of 2019.
She has recently finished another play, ‘Spark*Joy’, a commission from Kilden Teater in Kristiansand, Norway. And she is currently working on a new play with the working title, ‘En gang var vi krigere’ (‘Once Were Warriors’) which had an R&D at Dramatikkens Hus in April this year.