2017_09_13_Nrrebro_Teater_Diktatoren‘Diktatoren’, Nørrebro Teater (photo © Büro Jantzen).

(‘The Great Dictator’)
By Nikolaj Cederholm from the screenplay by Charles Chaplin
1 F / 8 M
Danish text

Nikolaj Cederholm’s witty and playful adaptation of the classic Chaplin movie from 1940, ‘The Great Dictator – the brilliant parody of Chaplin’s contemporary Adolf Hitler.
As in the film the action of the play takes place in the fictitious Middle-European country, Tomainia, where the dictator Adenoid Hynkel has seized power. He dreams of a pure Aryan race, to eliminate all jews and to take over world domination. Who doesn’t remember the classic scene, in which the dictator dances with the globe? – a scene which, needless to say, is included in this adaptation.
Coincidentaly, a little Jewish barber – who has suffered from amnesia since his participation in World War I – is the spitting image of Hynkel. One day, the barber is confused with the dictator, and eventually the barber takes Hynkel’s place on the platform speaking to millions of radio listeners – seizing the opportunity to advocate peace and tolerant coexistence among all people.
An irresistibly charming and very timely comedy about the lust for power, the horrors of fascism and the fragile hopes for mankind.

Trailer for ‘THE DICTATOR’, Nørrebro Teater (video produced by Torben Skjødt Jensen)

***** “Capturing Chaplin’s spirit, with the entire cast delivering energetic slapstick comedy. Fantastic effect. Outstanding performances. A success.” (Copenhagen Post)

***** “When Nikolaj Cederholm and his crazy team attacks Chaplin’s famous political-satirical film, the auditorium roars with laughter. But there is also food for thought” (Politiken)

***** “Nothing short of excellent. A perfect theatrical experience.” (BT)

Nikolaj Cederholm (foto Isak Hoffmeyer)
Nikolaj Cederholm (photo © Isak Hoffmeyer)