CUT// by Linda Klein

Acclaimed youth play about cutting


CUT//, Hvid Støj Sceneproduktion



By Linda Klein (DK)

1-2 F

Youth play

Danish original text, English and Norwegian translations

Nanna was born with horns in her forehead but had them removed when she was still a baby. Now she’s a teenager with a very low self-esteem. She is convinced that something is wrong with her. She’s isolating herself and cutting herself in secret – her friend, Astrid, is the only person who knows about it and she tries to convince Nanna to tell her mother. But it is difficult since Nanna’s mother is mostly concerned about keeping up appearances and Nanna’s forthcoming confirmation.


In CUT//, time is cut just like Nanna’s body. This acclaimed play is a well working portrait of the taboo, the loneliness, and the sometimes-exaggerated self-awareness that many teens struggle with.


♦ ♦ ♦


Linda Klein © Max Noble


Linda Klein was educated as a playwright for children and young adults and has written the  manuscripts for the well-received plays CUT// and [tanke]RUM, both plays initiated and staged by hvid støj sceneproduktion. Linda is also the author of several works of fiction – most of them for children – and has an MA in English and Dramaturgy. She was born in Switzerland to an English mother and German-Danish father, but has lived in Denmark most of her life.