Caryl Churchill

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Caryl Churchill © Marc Brenner


Caryl Churchill (1938) is an award-winning English playwright. She studied English literature at Oxford and is one of the most performed playwrights in British theater.

A selection of Caryl Churchill titles:


2 F

A father faces his adult son who has been cloned in 21 exact copies at birth. Through this meeting with the original and later on through meeting two of the clones Caryl Churchill in her own unique form examines the advantages and the disadvantages of genetic engineering. A puzzling and elliptic play.

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4 F

Four elderly ladies are sitting in a backyard, drinking tea and chatting casually about friends, family, each other, the past and their anxieties. One went to prison for the murder of her husband. One of them is afraid of cats. A third cannot move … From time to time one of them break out in a disturbing monologue which the others cannot hear, among them the latest arrival, Mrs. Jarrett, who lectures on a surreal description of a world destroyed by human excesses and a population buried under heaps of businessmen. This is a Churchillian apocalypse depicted as a gender-reversed summit of world leaders.

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3 F / 1 M / extras

A horrifying play about the end of civilization: A 10 year old girl, Joan, who is suffering from insomnia, is visiting her aunt’s house somewhere in the idyllic countryside. However, the idyllic setting is deceptive. Terrible things seem to happen in the garden shed. Years later, Joan is working at a hat factory together with Todd who she falls in love with. Though unfortunately he is more interested in following the political tribunals on TV. Eventually, humans are carrying crazy hats in a parade towards obliteration.

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16 characters

A fast-paced text consisting of 58 scenes in 7 sections with more than 100 characters. These are snapshots of conversations between ordinary people trying to understand and process the data they receive in the modern information society. The play furthermore explores the characters’ thirst for more knowledge and the difficulty of expressing their emotions.

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7 F / 8 M

Eight sketches, seemingly inspired by Magritte. Every single sketch has an individual title that is announced to the audience, such as: ‘War in Bosnia’, ‘The Nordic Peace Processes’, ‘Hong Kong’ and ‘Pornography and Censorship’. However what is seen on the stage is a completely different matter.

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7 F

One of Churchill’s most popular works focuses on Marlene, the career girl who has sacrificed her house and family in order to achieve success in the business world. The first part of the play takes place during a dinner party at which she converses with a group of historic and fictive female characters who have achieved success in the patriarchic world, but not without making sacrifices. The second half revolves around Marlene’s family, where confrontation is inevitable.

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