A touching and funny story about determination and friendship.



by Tim Firth
9 F / 3 M
English text

Tragedy strikes when Annie’s husband John is diagnosed with cancer, and passes away shortly after. Her friend Chris and the other women of the house wife association “Women’s Institute” provide Annie with good support, until Chris comes up with another one of her crazy ideas. The women are to produce and sell a calendar in aid of the local hospital’s cancer department… and they are to pose nude in the calendar themselves! Once they’ve gotten used to the idea, and their husbands have as well, the real struggle can commence: The fight against prudishness, against the executive committee and the indifference of society. CALENDAR GIRLS is based on a true story about a group of women from Yorkshire who became stars on both side of the Atlantic Ocean because of their charity calendar. The calendar brought in more than half a million pounds to a foundation supporting leukemia patients. This is a touching and funny story about determination and friendship.

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